Defensa Sound Credits

Sounds by Joe Mulholland:

Observatory Day_Night.wav
FLICK of the paper.wav
UI settler.wav
Tower Sell.wav
Heavy Bow Sound.wav
Plasma Projectile.wav

Sounds from

Under Creative Commons Attribute 3.0 license:

Axe Chop.wav by yadronoff

WOOD_SAW_LONG_001.wav by JoelAudio

Atmosphere - Stonecave with water (Loop) by julius_galla

blink 4 damped.wav by natharra

Vanhan ajan sota, taistelu / Ancient, old time battle, combat, horses galloping, men shouting and barking, fencing, swords clanging, guns, cannons, shots, mix by YleArkisto

HimalayanForest.wav by absent1010

NC Night Forest .wav by Lasdimot

Storm Wind 2.aiff by gnrja

Ambience_BlackHole_00.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory

Spell_04.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory

WhooshToHit_01.wav by RADIY

Epic_Heroic_Orchestral_Dramatic.mp3 by SoundFlakes

ui interface positive by JavierZumer

Impact Cinematic by original_sound

Xylophone1 Basic by SpiceProgram

Step.wav by CGEffex

BlasterOutgoing2.wav by zimbot

JacobsLadderSingle2.flac by Halleck

swosh.aif by man

Helicopter Landing by Mings

Fire Spell 01.wav by DiscoveryME

rain (light) by fresco.wav by fresco

rbh thunder storm.wav by RHumphries

Spaceship Atmosphere 05 by Tristan_Lohengrin

Deep Cympact.wav by eardeer

BIG-REVERB-WARHORN.wav by newagesoup

Robot walk by JarAxe

Bundle falling to ground by pfranzen

Old Music Box 1 by Soughtaftersounds

Cthulhu growl.wav by cylon8472

Fanfare 2.wav by primordiality

Under Creative Commons 0 license:

Forge - Adding coal short by Idezem

starting fire in blacksmith.wav by jokallset

ambience02.wav by yewbic

Fantasy_ui_Button_3.wav by ZenithInfinitiveStudios

Magic Strike.wav by Aleks41

church_bell_1 by sinewave1kHz

FanFare.wav by Suburbanwizard

Punch 1 by peridactyloptrix

swosh-22.flac by qubodup

Ticking.mp3 by LittleRainySeasons

Orchestal music game by gattoangus

Flourish Spacey 1 by GameAudio

laser by kafokafo

cannon_boom5.wav by ReadeOnly

Tank fire Mixed.wav by Cyberkineticfilms

Magic Smite.wav by spookymodem

Blob_northern87 by northern87

Retro Game sfx_jump bump.wav by mikala_oidua

squad march.wav by martian

Sliding_Window.aif by crcavol

Spider Chattering.wav by spookymodem

UFO_floating.wav by Petr2010

Tada Fanfare G by plasterbrain

Success.wav by kimp10

Rooster crow by jsbarrett

monster sound.wav by ZyryTSounds